Stressed employees are less productive.

Step 1: Assessment
Step 2: Education
Step 3: Enablement

Our Financial Literacy & Wellness Program is designed to deliver more than an education. Employees will be completing real world project-based learning activities that build their financial foundation. The focus on behavior molding has participants developing their own personal financial plan and scheduling practical action steps that give them a clear roadmap to follow.


A well-executed financial wellness program can be a cost-effective way to assist employees solve their most pressing financial issues while also helping companies improve their bottom lines. Together we can be a valuable resource to help them launch and implement a sophisticated plan that’s tailored for your workforce. 


We have three simple steps that allow us to not only quantify and monetize results, but also celebrate them.

This Financial Literacy & Wellness for the Workplace equips employees with the needed knowledge on how to improve their credit scores, monthly cash flow, decision making, retirement readiness, stress reduction, and preparedness for major life events that ultimately increases work satisfaction. 


Ultimately, it is up to employees to control their own destiny. Well-informed employees who receive timely, clear and helpful communications from their employers tend to feel more secure — and may assign more value to the support and solutions provided by their employer. And when they feel secure, they’re healthier, more engaged and more productive.